FFU Purification Unit

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Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

With the capacity of modularized connection use, FFU fan filter unit can be widely applied to clean rooms, clean benches, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms, local laminar flow and other application scenarios. FFU has a primary filter screen and a high-efficiency filter screen. The fan absorbs the air on the top of FFU and filters the air through a primary/high-efficiency filter; the fitlered clean air is sent out on the whole air outlet surface at the speed of 0.45m/s±20%.


1. Due to the adoption of Germany EBM direct-driven high-efficiency centrifugal fan, the unit features long service life, low noise, free maintenance, small vibration, stepless speed regulation and so on. The fan has reliable quality, and can work for over 50,000 hours.

2. The unit is particularly suitable for assembled ultra-clean production lines, can be used singly according to process requirements, and can also be multiply connected in series to form a 100-level assembly line.

3. The shell is structurally manufactured by stainless steel, aluminum alloy and cold-rolled steel plates, so the unit features light weight, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and attractive appearance.


4. The products are gradually scanned for inspection through a dust particle calculator according to FED 209E before delivery, thus ensuring the quality.

Optional accessories:

1. Germany ENM DC fan features energy conservation, computer centralized control, stable operation, low noise, digitalized speed regulation and so on. Under the condition of initial resistance of a high-efficiency filter, it can save energy by over 50% and is low in actual operating cost. One computer can control the operation, speed regulation, working condition inquiry and other conditions of nearly 8,000 fans.

2. ULPA ultra-high-efficiency filter

 3. Circular duct port

Specifications and models




air flow(m³/h)



100(FED 209E)

The efficiency of high-efficiency filter



≤≤52dB The test point is 1m away from the lower side; air speed: 0.45m/s

Solution material

New alloy

Power supply

220V  50Hz



Net weight


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