Trends in the domestic clean industry

In recent years, China's air quality is at a world-class ultra-low level. In recent years, China Meteorological Observatory has repeatedly announced that China's air quality factor is too low and there is a large gap between the World Health Organization's ambient air quality guidance value. China's air contains a large amount of PM2.5 micron particles. This PM2.5 is closely related to lung cancer, asthma and other diseases, and PM2.5 is the main culprit in the formation of haze weather, most of which comes from the exhaust of cars.
In September 2012, 95% of China’s cities were unqualified in air quality. Information on July 29, 2013: China’s environmental protection industry summit news, the Ministry of Environmental Protection is revising the surface environmental quality standards, and direct investment in the prevention of atmospheric and water pollution will reach 3.7 trillion yuan. Governance.
With the development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, so the requirements for living environment and quality of life are becoming higher and higher. Purification engineering technology has gradually been applied to household air purification. In the future, China's purification engineering is not only applicable to electronics, electrical appliances, Medicine, food, scientific research and other industries are also likely to go to homes, public entertainment and other places, educational institutions and so on. The continuous development of science and technology has gradually promoted purification engineering enterprises to thousands of households, and the scale of the domestic purification equipment industry is also growing. People are slowly enjoying the beautiful environment brought by purification engineering.
As the country supports the development of purification projects, many manufacturers of purification equipment are gradually pursuing purification engineering projects. Many of the purification engineering projects are low-end purification. The price is cheap, the project is simple, and the workmanship is rough. The original clean principle of the project. While the domestic purification engineering industry is increasing, it will also face greater pressure from market competition.