How to improve the overall performance of clean room clean engineering?

The design and construction process of the clean room must pursue rigor, and every detail must be considered. If the relevant construction specifications and management requirements are not strictly followed, it is difficult to achieve the expected purification effect and affect the actual performance of the entire clean project.
   has very strict requirements for the maintenance of a laminar flow clean room. The following Su Xin takes daily management as an example to help you understand.
   1. The clean room must be maintained at a positive pressure, and the clean area of the clean project and the non-clean area should be higher than 10pa.
   2. The clean air purification system of the clean engineering should be operated continuously, and the cleaning maintenance work should be carried out regularly.
   3. The temperature and humidity in the clean area of the clean project should be well controlled and maintained, and must be set according to the actual production needs of the enterprise. Generally, the temperature is 22-25 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 40%-60%.
   4. The buffer area of the laminar flow clean room should be clearly marked, the doors of each clean area must be closed, and the entrance and exit doors cannot be opened at the same time