Inspection standard for laminar flow clean bench--JG/T 19- 1999

Inspection standard for laminar flow clean bench-JG/T19-1999 People's Republic of China Construction Industry Standard (Part 1) TeststandardforlaminarcleanbenchJG/T19-1999 This standard is mainly applicable to laminar flow clean bench. Other local purification equipment can be tested with reference to this standard. Ultra-clean bench terminology 1.1 local purification equipment is to make the dust concentration of air in a specific local space reach 0.5pm particle number (an equipment with an air cleanliness level of 3.5 particles is called local purification equipment.   Construction industry standard (Part 1) This standard is mainly applicable to laminar flow clean benches. Other local purification equipment can refer to this standard for inspection.
  the term
  1.1 Local purification equipment
It is a device that makes the air dust concentration in a specific local space reach 0.5 pm particles (3.5 particles of air cleanliness level) called local purification equipment. It is a purification unit composed of high-efficiency air filters, etc. , Such as clean benches, clean drying ovens, clean laminar flow hoods, clean self-purifiers, etc.
  1.2 Aerosol
   is a suspension system composed of solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas.
  2 Technical requirements
  2.1 Leak detection
  Clean workbench must be subjected to aerosol leak test and attractive test after installation. When the test is conducted in accordance with, the concentration on the downstream side of the gap exceeds the concentration on the upstream side. .0100, it is deemed to have obvious leakage.
  2.2 Cleanliness of operation area
   According to 3.2 test, the cleanliness of 0.5 u m particles must be 3.5 particles/L, 5k m particles are not allowed.
  2.3 Wind speed
  When testing according to 3.3, the average wind speed in the operating area should be within the range of 0.3-v0.6 m/. If there are special requirements, the user and the manufacturer will negotiate separately. Each measuring point should be within 20% of the average wind speed.
  2.4 Noise
   According to the test of 3.5, the noise should not exceed 65d B (A sound level), if there are special requirements, the user and the manufacturer shall order.
   2-5 vibration
   Test according to 3.6. The amplitude of the three axial directions (two, y, z) of the console shall not exceed 5km. If there are special requirements, users and manufacturers will negotiate separately.
  2.6 Lighting
   According to 3. 7 for testing, the average illuminance of the operating table should not be less than 300l x. The light should be even and soft to avoid glare. If there are special requirements, the user and the manufacturer will negotiate separately.
  2.7 Structure
   2.7.1 The surface of the clean bench wall shall not be rusted and peeled off. When there are requirements for acid and corrosion resistance on the operation table, acid-resistant materials or stainless steel materials should be used.
   2.7.2 Equipped with high-efficiency air filter should be tested and qualified. In general air environment, use unstrained quality and corrosion 2.7.3 installation gasket of high-efficiency air filter, pay attention to the selection of materials that are not easy to age, so as not to cause leakage, and should be easy to maintain and replace.
   2.7.4 The components are compact and reasonable, and the unevenness of the edges and gaps of the door panels, guard plates and cover plates should meet the mechanical assembly requirements.
2. Yes, 5 The screw nut should be free from corrosion and slippage, and the screw opening groove should be free of cracks. 2. The welding of the chassis should meet the requirements of the general welding general technical conditions, and there should be no burn-through, leaks, cracks, etc. defect.
  2. When the clean work is combined with the operation in a room that generates flammable and explosive substances, the fan and electrical equipment should be explosion-proof or have anti-sparking measures.
   2.7.8 When the clean bench is operated under the conditions of acid, organic solvent, biological particles, etc., its structure must be able to discharge the air containing these contaminants directly or after treatment.
  28 Electrical system
  2.8 Door insulation resistance
  According to 3. 8 for insulation test, the insulation resistance should be above ZMSi.
   28.2 Withstand voltage
   According to 3. 9, there shall be no breakdown or flashover when conducting the withstand voltage test.
   2.8.3 Electrical assembly requirements
  2.8-3.1 The main components of the electrical system are configured according to the current national standards and the standards of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. The installation of the main components should not block or disturb the airflow in the work area and make the clean bench safe and reliable.
  2.8-3.2 The choice of motor should be consistent with GB 755-81 ((Basic technical requirements of motor). Lighting should use fluorescent lamps. The choice of fluorescent lamp holder and starter should meet the GB 1312-77 ((Fluorescent Lamp Holder and Starter Holder) standard.
  2.8-3.4 The switch and indicator light should be set in the place where the operator can easily operate and observe. It should meet the standard of GB 4053.3-83 "Colors of Indicators and Buttons in Complete Electrical Equipment".
  2.8-3.5 The wire selection should meet the relevant regulations The electrical system should be equipped with fuses or fuses according to the load. The main components of the electrical system and the housing of the purification equipment should be reliably grounded.
  2.8-3.7 The wiring diagram of the electrical system should be affixed to the clean workbench The electrical components, parts and connectors should be assembled firmly, the wiring should be reasonable and neat, the solder joints should be smooth, no virtual soldering, no wrong soldering.