Achieve good purification effect, wind shower room promotes pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the pace of clean production

The GMP certificate is very important for pharmaceutical companies. In recent years, there are no fewer companies whose certificates have been revoked due to issues such as production environment and process flow. The country's great efforts on clean production have made pharmaceutical companies pay more and more attention to the cleanliness of production workshops.
  Air shower room is a kind of versatile local purification equipment, installed between clean room and non-clean room. When people and goods enter the clean area, they need to be blown through the air shower room. The clean air can remove the dust carried by the people and goods, which can effectively block or reduce the dust source from entering the clean area and ensure clean operation.
   (Achieving a good purification effect The wind shower room promotes pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the pace of clean production Photo source: Baidu pictures) Achieving a good purification effect Humanization and intelligentization of the important trend of the air shower room It is reported that the world's first air shower room was born in 1892. At that time, the United States Defense Department repeatedly tried and failed when developing a high-precision device, and finally detected that the production environment contained particulates, which led to the accuracy being far from ideal. After discussion by relevant departments, the first dust-free workshop and the first air shower room were designed.
  With the development of science and technology, since the concept of clean room and air shower room, in order to improve self-competitiveness, all walks of life have a new understanding and breakthrough in clean room, and gradually become humanized. For example, the voice prompt in the air shower room allows the operator to complete the dust removal process in order to achieve an excellent purification effect.
  In addition to humanization, intelligence has also become one of the trends in the air shower room. Automatic door air shower room is a new type of intelligent filtering and cleaning equipment. With the rapid development of various industries, enterprises have higher requirements for work efficiency. Under such conditions, automatic door air shower rooms were born, and their applications are also more widespread.
  The author understands that the automatic door air shower room can minimize the pollution problem caused by the staff entering and leaving the clean room. When the automatic door air shower room detector detects someone entering, it can transmit the pulse signal to the intelligent circuit board of the air shower room. After the controller judges, it will notify the motor to run, and at the same time monitor the number of motor revolutions, so that the motor can be properly boosted and Enter the slow running state.
   After getting a certain current, the motor will transmit power to the synchronous belt, and then the synchronous belt will transmit the power to the spreader system to open the door direction of the air shower room. When a person or thing enters the air shower room, the air shower room controller will make a judgment and automatically close the sliding door in the direction of the air shower door. After blowing, the direction of going out will be automatically translated and opened. When a person or thing leaves the air shower, the balance door in the exit direction will automatically close.
   Do a good job of inspection, easily deal with the problem of air shower room failure
  During daily operation, no matter what kind of machinery will encounter failures, there are its own operation problems, as well as the quality problems of the product itself. When the following faults occur, the user can first conduct relevant inspections and then take countermeasures.
   First check the switch problem. Usually the air shower room has four centers that can cut off the power supply: the outdoor shower box, the control panel of the inner box, and the outer boxes on both sides. When the power indicator does not work, it is not possible to recheck these four power sources.
  When the fan is reversed or the wind speed is very small, check whether the 380V three-phase four-wire circuit can be reversed. If the line source of the wind shower room is reversely connected, the lighter person will cause the wind shower room fan not to work or the reverse wind shower room wind speed will be reduced, and the heavy one will burn the entire wind shower room circuit board, causing an accident. Relevant experts suggest that companies using air showers should not change the wiring lightly. If they must be moved due to consumer demand, they should also consult the air shower manufacturer.
  When the fan is not working, first check whether the emergency switch of the outer box can be cut off. If it is cut off, press gently with your hand and turn it to the right to release it. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the emergency stop button inside the cabinet can be pressed. If the emergency stop button is meridian, the air shower room will not be sprayed, and the emergency stop button must be pressed again.
  When automatic blowing can not be sensed, check the light sensing system in the lower right corner of the inner box to see if the light sensing installation is correct. If the two sides of the light sensing are opposite and the light sensing is normal, the blowing can be automatically sensed.
  When the air shower room is used for a period of time when the wind speed is very low, check whether the primary and high-efficiency filters of the air shower room can accumulate too much dust. If so, please change the filter. Industry sources pointed out that the primary filter in the air shower room should be replaced once in 1-6 months, and the high-efficiency filter should be replaced once in 6-12 months.
   With the implementation of the new version of GMP, many pharmaceutical companies have put forward new requirements for clean production, eliminating mechanical equipment with high energy consumption and high pollution. As a versatile purification equipment, the air shower room has been purchased and used by many pharmaceutical companies. The equipment can help enterprises to establish a clean production environment to a certain extent, reduce unnecessary pollution, and provide power for enterprises in future clean production plans, thus moving towards the goal of green production.