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   1. Wooden structure experiment platform. The wooden structure test bench is mainly made of melamine board, and then combined with plywood, medium density fiberboard and other auxiliary materials. According to the climate difference in different regions of the country, the boards of different origins are reasonably selected to meet the requirements of the laboratory. .
Its characteristics are as follows: the price is reasonable, and it still occupies a large market share in the field of domestic laboratory consoles; the variety of wood is easy to process and form, novel and chic, and it is loved by customers; it is easy to install and disassemble, and is convenient for after-sales service; Excellent acid and alkali resistance.
   2. Steel-wood structure experiment platform. The steel-wood structure test bench includes two structures: one is the C-frame type, and the other is the H-frame type C-FRAME type. The structure is simple, flexible, and can be combined at will. The H type is dignified and generous and has good load-bearing performance.
  The tabletop can use epoxy resin (EPOXY), Trespa (TRESPA) and other laboratory special tabletops; C-frame can choose suspension cabinet and push cabinet structure, which is convenient for installation and disassembly and is conducive to laboratory cleaning work. The H-frame's steel structure makes the test stand's load-bearing capacity reach more than 500KG, and meets the requirements of large precision instruments. 3. All-steel structure test stand. The steel test bench has the advantages of good load-bearing performance, long service life and excellent cost performance. In recent years, it has been highly praised by domestic and foreign laboratory users. With the development trend of gradually replacing wooden laboratory operating tables, it is also the future of domestic laboratories. The general trend of development.
  Full-steel series floor-standing experimental operating table, the whole adopts computer-aided design and numerical control manufacturing. It is a unit body structure with high manufacturing accuracy. It can be easily matched with assembly and has strong adaptability to meet your laboratory space requirements. Fully automatic compression molding; the surface is phosphatized and pickled, and then treated with epoxy resin (EPOXY) powder baking paint, without protruding paint blocks, bright and clean, outstanding resistance to strong acids and alkalis.
Jiangyin Aite Purification strictly follows the management system from design, construction, production, installation to after-sales service. In the design, different styles of laboratory construction plans are designed according to different industries and different functions; according to the 5S management system, ISO9001 , ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system strictly controls the quality, to ensure that every product shipped from the factory is of high quality; at the installation site, strictly follow the design drawings for construction and assembly, and strive to do well; the company has a perfect after-sales service management system, Thus, a large number of high-quality projects have been created, which are well received by many customers.
  Jiangyin Aite Purifier adheres to the principle of "strict and pragmatic, resolute". With the help of modern cutting-edge science and technology, we keep learning and innovating. Efforts to build a first-class laboratory! Efforts to build a new green space in the laboratory!